Our Services

Caring Environment

We are more than just a child care center. When you walk into our center, you get a sense of being amongst family. We pride ourselves on the love and respect we provide to each child and their family. With many years of experience spanning 7 years, we provide children with the environment necessary to achieve their highest potential.

Qualified & Experienced Teachers

Our experienced teachers are eminently qualified on AMI/MMI with local/international exposure. Our dedicated support staff is well-trained in professional child care management. Children will be constantly supported by our staff, enabling them to know that there is somebody who understands how they feel and is there to support their needs.

Creative Curriculum

We believe in the all-round development of each and every child; our learning programs are customized to enhance their needs, talents, abilities, and interests. Language lessons are taught through fun-filled activities; children learn arithmetic through games and exercises. Special focus is on enhancing their personality by refining their verbal & non-verbal expressions.

A Home Away from Home!

Having someone who understands the trials and tribulations of being a child is really important. Our staff are adept in the art of providing a patient, caring and understanding relationship for all children. We know our children need to feel valued and appreciated so as to develop a positive identity and attitude.
Our Programs
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Toddler Care (Age : 1+ Time : )

More than just day care, our ‘Toddler Care’ is designed to adapt to each individual child’s age and stage. Experienced teachers promote emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development in a fun, engaging environment. Here your budding toddler enjoys learning simple, lucid and easy-to- grasp lessons that foster their self-confidence in exploring the world around. Apart from learning basic lessons, children will also avail:

  • Feeding
  • Washing/bathing (as per parents wish)
  • Changing clothes
  • Nap Time
  • Play Time (Dance/Music/Art & Craft/Exercise) in the Activity Room or Play Area
  • TV Time
  • Story Time (We’ve got a fabulous library for your curious toddler!)
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Play School (Age 2 + Time : 8.30 am – 11 am)
Nursery (Age 3 ½ + Time : 8.30 am – 11 am)
Kindergarten (Age 4 ½ + Time: 8.30 am – 12 pm)

We believe that each child is born a unique individual with umpteen skills and talents. It is our goal to find the individuality of each child, unearth their hidden talents and help them reach their greatest potential. Our Core Curriculum has the following features:

  • The Montessori Approach
  • By providing an environment that supports natural development of each and every child, Montessori education enables children to develop the fundamental capacities that they need to become happy and fulfilled adults who contribute to society.

  • The 7 learning styles
  • that we focus on: Visual (using pictures, images, and spatial understanding), Aural (using sound and music), Linguistic (using words, both in speech and writing), Physical (using one’s body parts and sense of touch), Logical (using reasoning and systems), Interpersonal (learning in groups or with other people), Intrapersonal (through self-study and reflection).

  • Language Lessons
  • Children are taught the language through formal learning, play and activities. Highly qualified, experienced English teachers lead the classes. Language skills are enhanced through Role Play, Skits, Verbal Exercises, Songs etc.

  • Reading & Listening
  • Our well-equipped library room is the ideal place for your child to enjoy reading as well as listening to some of the most fascinating children’s literature, carefully selected by a team of experts.

  • Magical Maths!
  • Mathematics is embedded in everything we do in our daily lives; here, we introduce maths to our children through a life-centric action-learning model. There is no rigid timescale to learning. It happens for the most part naturally and without pressure.

  • Creativity Room
  • We provide the best opportunities for your child’s creative talents to blossom to its fullness. They get ample time to unfold their talents in music, dance, drama, drawing, molding, craftwork, creative exercises etc.

  • Social Skills
  • Our Curriculum includes special programs for social-emotional development. Pre-school is the optimal age for a child to be taught social skills. We place a strong emphasis on building self-confidence, cooperation, curiosity, and communication.

Who We Are

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” 

Ignacio Estrada
Welcome to Kids in Action.

Kids in Action is an Early Education Centers Network, initiated by the highly reputed Horizon College International. Led by a team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience and expertise in children’s education, Kids in Action offers your child a world of endless possibilities, ensuring your child has a happy and successful start to their lifelong learning experiences. Founded to provide an innovative solution for the lack of affordable, high-quality, childcare for working families, Kids in Action is now a fast growing education network loved by children and parents for its professionalism and transparency..

Our Vision & Values

Here at Kids in Action, we know it is very important to be guided by our shared values and in partnership with you what we believe is best for your child. Everything we do is based on a solid foundation of theory and research and what we infinitely know works well for children in their early years. Excellence and innovation in preschool education was, is and will always be our shared vision and passion.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the highest quality early care and education for every child in every Center, every day. We strive to:

  • Expand the horizons of each child by nurturing their unique qualities and potential.
  • Support families through strong and lasting partnerships.
  • Create a work environment that fosters professionalism and personal growth.
  • to ‘push the boundaries’ in providing creative solutions to educational constraints
Why Choose Us?
‘What happens early in life, matters for the whole life’

Kids in Action offers a learning environment that nurtures and respects the different gifts and variety of learning styles that each child brings to the classroom community. Active, expressive, child-centered learning experiences are emphasized, and brought to life through our emergent curriculum. At Kids in Action, we focus on holistic development of children, rooted in their own investigations of their environment, and the pursuit of their individual passions. Here are 4 compelling reasons for you to choose us:

Brand New Centers With State-of- the-Art Facilities

Our Centers are all brand new – in infrastructure as well as concept. We introduce a fresh, innovative and cutting-edge approach in Early Childhood Education that stimulates your child to develop their IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). There will be no compromise on providing best quality services and resources at all our centers. The Centers have been designed to high standards and are equipped with quality resources, teaching materials, toys, books, TV and audio system to support and encourage children’s development and learning.

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